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Bridal accessories care tips before, during and after your wedding day

Updated: Mar 5

Bridal accessories are not just optional but essential for completing your wedding look. They can enhance even the simplest outfit and create a more memorable impression. Whatever material they are made of (textile, plated metals, beads, natural stones, or pearls), your accessories need careful handling. Bridal accessories are not a “buy and throw” kind of purchase, they are precious items that you’ll want to cherish and preserve for a long time to remind you of your special day. Here are some bridal accessories care tips before, during, and after your big event.

Before the wedding day

We highly encourage you to try your bridal accessories on, maybe even wear them for an hour or so, especially if you are trying something that is not in your go-to style. First bridal accessories care tip is to get used to your bridal accessories, see their closure type, and wear options. Practice putting on and taking off the accessories to avoid damaging them and to make sure they are comfortable and secure. Bring them to your hair trial with your stylist or hairdresser and save yourself lots of time and nerves on the wedding day. However, make sure not to spray hair products and carefully wipe them with a soft cloth after all manipulations. Be extra careful if it is a textile piece. Store them in a cool dry place in their original packaging to prevent deformation or oxidation. You need your bridal accessories at their best for your big day.

On your wedding day

Put your accessories on only after your make-up and hair are done, and your gown is on, especially if your accessories have metal, wire, or other rigid details that can be caught into delicate fabrics or laces. The most important bridal accessories care tip is to make sure you are sitting down when placing your bridal accessories. This way, your hairdresser can fix them safely in the right place. Do not do it on the run! Careful and correct placement of the piece will prevent it from sliding from your hair and breaking and you from touching your jewelry too often, as the oils from your fingers can as well dull their shine.

After the wedding

Take your accessories off really carefully and ask for help especially if you have extra pins fixing them in your hair. We do not want to break any delicate parts and for sure want to keep your hair safe. No matter how hard you might try, some of the hair styling products will surely get on your jewelry. Clean your accessories with a soft cloth and warm water. Do not immerse them in the water and do not use harsh chemicals or cleansers, baby wipes, or mechanical cleaners. Dry them thoroughly and polish them with a soft cloth. Store your bridal accessories in a dry cool place in their original box to prevent them from losing their form and shine. If you live in a particularly humid climate, you can also use anti-tarnish strips or silica gel pockets to prevent oxidation. Your textile accessories will thank you if you check on them periodically or they might turn yellow or even get brownish marks.

Everyday use

If you will be using your bridal accessories as your go-to pieces, make sure to keep them dry and clean. Store them away from other silver or copper accessories as these metals easily tarnish and may transfer marks to your pieces (even to your textile accessories as they might also have metal parts). Keep them separately to prevent them from tangling, scratching, or breaking. Do not wear your accessories when you are swimming, showering, exercising, or doing any activities that can expose them to moisture, salt, chlorine, or acids. Polish them occasionally with a special polish cloth to bring back their shine. By following these simple bridal accessories care tips, you can extend the life and beauty of your accessories and enjoy wearing them for a long time.

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All images are courtesy of Nea Milano


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