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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Shopping Bridal Accessories

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

For many brides, the most exciting aspect of wedding planning is finding a perfect gown. But the whole dress shopping process can become a little too overwhelming and not always glamorous and as a result, details decisions are usually pushed aside till the last moment. Since we all know that accessories can make or break your outfit, here we listed the biggest bridal accessories shopping mistakes to avoid. The goal is to find perfect details that represent your personality and style and enjoy the process.

Oversized earring with golden flowers
Fay Earrings. Image by Erica Brenci

Shopping your bridal accessories too early

It will probably overwhelm you and confuse your ideas. It is more like grocery shopping for the ingredients before deciding on a recipe. First, think about your big-ticket items: dress and hairstyle. After that, do your bridal accessories research so that you have clear ideas before going on your hair trial and can discuss styling details with your hairdresser. Except, of course, when you already fell in love with an exceptional piece of jewelry or an accessory and want to build the whole look around it.

Bride smiling wearing modern romantic earrings with rose buds
Rosae earrings. Image by Erica Brenci

Shopping for your bridal accessories too late

Do not postpone this fun shopping till the last minute. If you have enough time, you can consider customizing your accessories. Consult with your hairdresser on a better fit and avoid paying extra fees for rush orders or distant shipping. Moreover, if you are opting for a piece you’ve never worn before, buying it in advance allows you to try it, see how you feel about it, and still have enough time for a plan B.

modern bride with three piece outfit and statement earrings with gold flowers and pearls
Lucille earrings. Image by Ilaria Barbieri. As seen on NEXT Switch

Keeping your bridal accessories simple

Do not keep it simple! Do not play safe! It is your chance to go over the top and wear something extraordinary! Be the queen of the day. Make a statement with a focal point piece or layer accessories up. Good taste is your friend and will save you from overdoing.

Romantic bride with golden flower crown and delicate veil
Poem crown. Image by Erica Brenci

Underestimating the importance of the quality

You will probably wear your bridal piece once only. But it does not mean you should save on quality. Remember, poor materials look bad on pictures and since you will be photographed a lot on your wedding day, you should look impeccable from all angles. Beautifully made versatile bridal accessories can serve you on different occasions as well, just play with your styling. More than that, it can always become something borrowed or something old for someone really special in your life.

Modern bride with slip dress and long gold string earrings
Eden earrings. Image by Erica Brenci

Not considering your hairstyle and dress particulars

Imagine investing in a gorgeous pair of earrings and opting for a hairdo that covers them up. That’s what we are talking about. Think about your textiles and textures, lengths, layers, colors, proportions, and styling choices. You want to ensure that your accessories do not cling to your dress or slip of your hair and your hairstyle and outfit complement and show off the jewelry in its fullest form.

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