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Unveiled .021 objects of desire. New bridal accessories collection.

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Surprising and stylish the .021 objects of desire bridal accessories collection collection with its contemporary take on classic floral adornment is dedicated to a self-confident, creative, and free-spirited woman.

Inspired by the summer fields with floating wild blossoms and chasing the wind dragonflies, all accessories are airy and fresh with Nea’s distinct essence of romance. The golden hairbands and vines shimmer gracefully with light gold plating and crystal stones; freshwater pearls add elegant glam and sophistication. Baroque pearls, dripping strands, lines, and shapes every detail in this collection is there to make a clear statement.


Styling & Accessories by Nea Milano

Fine art photography by Erica Brenci Studio

Videography by Merak Studio


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