Lookbook 2018

Range: head crowns, hair pins and combs, bold chokers and earrings.

Little Treasures

This collection takes its inspirations from antique Italian murals with its romantic nature scenes. Golden vines and leafy motives remind you of secret gardens and glass greenhouses full of flowers and flying birds. This collection wants to bring 15th-16th century feminine beauty aesthetic to a modern day woman. Boldness of some pieces, heavy pearls and rich golden tones add a renaissance flavour without being too obvious. The LITTLE TREASURES COLLECTION is all about tradition and versatility. You can style our beautiful designs in so many ways, some pieces have double function. Material and finishing choices are made to create truly romantic and vintage inspired yet edgy collection. Colour palette: Rich gold tones, antique silver, delicate touches of blush, dreamy blue and black.
Images are copyrighted by NEA • MILANO and Kir & Ira Photography
Accessories, concept and coordination by NEA • MILANO
Fine art images by Kir & Ira Photography
Hair styling by Frank Giacone Bride Atelier
MUA by Sara Onori
Venue Villa Montanare
Dress by Couture Hayez Milano
Robe by Boudoir Wedding
Made in Italy


"Precious, rare and antique like a forgotten treasure from bygone days" (Amber&Muse)